How Does The Billing Work?

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Once your trial period has expired, you’ll need to create a subscription in order to continue using Reportal. To do so, login to the admin portal, click on your profile icon in the top-right of the page and click “My account”. Here you’ll be able to manage your subscription in the following ways: –

  • Create a subscription
  • Change a subscription plan
  • Cancel a subscription
  • Resume a cancelled subscription which is on a grace period
  • Change your payment details
  • View and download invoices

This page will also always list your current subscription status, so you can always check it for full details.

When you create a subscription for the first time you’ll need to enter your payment details. These are then used by Stripe to take the initial and subsequent payments on a monthly basis. These payment details can of course be changed, and subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.

If the subscription plan is listed as being per user per month then the monthly price shown will also be based on the number of users you have registered in your organisation (including the owner). For example, if a subscription costs £14.99 per month and you have two users, you will pay £29.98 per month.

Any changes to the subscription plan or number of users made within a month will only affect the cost for the remainder of that month. For example, if you had a subscription at £14.99 per month with one user and then 10 days before the end of the subscription period you added another user, you would only be charged for this additional user for those remaining 10 days, not in retrospect for the entire month. The following month would be billed at two users as normal.