Reportal Cookie Policy

Last updated 8th of November 2019

We use cookies on our websites and mobile applications to improve performance and enhance your user experience. The below explains how and why we do that.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which a website or mobile application may store on your device when you use a website or mobile application. Cookies are normally used to help the website or application to operate, such as by storing the current user information so that you don't need to log in again the next time your visit, but they can also be used for other purposes. There are also other ways that this type of information can be stored, so the term “cookies” in this policy refers to all of those methods.

Cookies may contain personal information. For example, when you log in a cookie will store your login token which contains your email address. Most cookies won't store information which identifies you as an individual; cookies usually store a unique identifier to collect more general information such as the number of unique visitors to a website.

What sort of cookies does Reportal use?

Quite simply, Reportal only uses cookies essential for the operation of the site, such as those allowing a user to be logged in automatically on return visits.

Does anyone else use cookies on the Reportal website?

Yes, we use an online payment gateway called Stripe for processing subscription fees and to allow you to download invoices. In order for Stripe to operate correctly within the Reportal site, they need to store cookies. For details, please refer to Stripe's cookie policy here:

Can I block cookies?

You can block and/or clear any cookies which are used on our website. However, please remember that if you do choose to disable or remove cookies you may find that certain sections of our website do not work properly.

Do we track whether users open our emails?

Messages sent via Reportal are sent via a third-party email provider called MailGun. Please refer to MailGun's privacy policy here: for further details of how they track email messages.

More Information

More information on how businesses use cookies is available at