How Do I Add Or Remove a Staff Member?

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Firstly, login to the admin portal as an organisation owner, then click on “Staff” to go to the user management page.

Adding a new user

Click the “Add Staff” button to open the new user pop-up. Fill in all of the necessary information in both “Account” and “Teams” tabs and click “Create” to add the user.

The “User type” drop-down defines if this user will be a regular user (User) or a manager (Admin). Regular users are the usual type that you’ll create and these are the users that will use the Reportal mobile app to submit reports. Managers (Admin) are users that you can add who have additional privileges such as the ability to log into the admin portal and manage reports, files, etc. For more information, see this support article.

The welcome message field is optional, however we recommend filling it in. Whatever you enter here will be sent as an e-mail to the new user; this is a perfect opportunity to welcome them to your organisation on Reportal and to give them any additional instructions if necessary. Please be careful however as this is e-mailed to the new user, so please do not enter any sensitive information such as the password.

Removing an existing user

To remove a user from your organisation, simply click on the user in the list and then click “Delete” in the edit user pop-up. Important: this cannot be undone, so if a user needs to be un-deleted then they will instead need to be added again afresh.


If your subscription plan is charged per user then adding a new user will incur an additional charge. The subscription quantity listed on your account details page should reflect the number of users that are currently registered in your organisation in this case.