How Do I Add a Staff Member, or Remove a staff Member From a Team?

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Login to the admin portal and click “Staff” to open the user management page. You will see an expandable list of teams together with the users that are currently within that team. You can also tick “Hide Teams” to view a list of all users without their associated teams.

There are two methods of modifying the teams assigned to a user. Both are very simple, so you can use whichever works best for you!

Change teams assigned to an individual user

To change a user’s teams, simply click on the user to open the edit user pop-up. From here, click the “Teams” tab to see a list of teams to which this user is assigned. To change this user’s teams, simply tick or un-tick the relevant teams and then click “Update” to confirm.

Change the users assigned to a team

Alternatively, you can click on a team’s edit button (pencil icon) to open the edit team pop-up. As well as allowing you to edit the team name, you can also change the users assigned to this team by ticking or un-ticking the check boxes next to their names. Once this is done, click “Save” to confirm the changes.

Please note that if a team is public, by definition all users will automatically be assigned to that team, so the user check boxes will be disabled. If you want to assign only certain users to a team, the team must not be public.