How Do I Add, Edit Or Remove a File?

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Adding a new file

On the Files page, click the “Upload Files” button. In the pop-up, click “Upload Files” and select the files that you want to upload. You can assign each file to a set of categories if necessary using the “Categories” drop-down. If you’ve made a mistake and want to remove one of the files, simply click the trash icon. You can add as many files to the list as you like; to add more just click “Upload Files” again. Once everything is in order, click “Save Changes” and all of the files will be uploaded and categorised for you.

Editing or removing a file

On the Files page, find the file that you want to edit from the list. You can tick “Hide Categories” to see a list of files without categories which can make finding a file easier if you don’t know its category. Click on the file to open the “Edit File” pop-up. Here you can change the name and categories for the file. You can also see a preview and download a copy. Finally you can click the “Delete” button to remove the file entirely from storage.