How Do I Add a File To a Category?

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Once you’ve created a file category, you’re ready to categorise files within it. You can either categorise files while you’re uploading them, or you can re-categorise existing files afterwards.

Categorising files whilst uploading

On the Files page, click the “Upload Files” button. In the pop-up, click “Upload Files” and select the files that you want to upload. Each of the files will then be displayed in the pop-up and, by default, will not be associated with a category. To change this, simply click the “Categories” drop-down for each file in turn and tick all of the categories to which you’d like the new file to be added. Once this has been done, click “Save Changes” and the files will be upload and added to the categories you specified automatically.

Re-categorising existing files

If you have uploaded a file already and it is either un-categorised or assigned to another category you can change the categories assigned to it very easily.

Simply find the file that you want to modify and click on it; this will open the “Edit File” pop-up. Click on the “Categories” drop-down and tick or un-tick categories as necessary. Finally click “Update” and the file will be assigned only to those categories that you ticked.