Can I Choose To Only Show a Report Item If Certain Conditions Are Met?

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When creating a report you will first be given the option to create either a container or table layout. Once created you will be able to add content to the chosen layout, this includes labels and titles along with images and other values submitted via the form. If you would like to hide a layout or row within, you can do so by clicking the wrench icon located in the top right corner of the section in question. At this point, a popup will appear that will allow you to set the visibility options of the section. There are two ways to control the visibility of a section:

Value has been set

If the value submitted via the form has been set to anything, then the container will be displayed. Consider the following example. A form features a dropdown with the answers “Yes” and “No”. If the dropdown has not been set and is empty, the section will not appear in the report. However, if either option is set then the section will be visible. If however, the container should only be visible if the dropdown value was submitted as “Yes” then we would consider the next option.

Form Container was visible during submission

As described In Can I choose to only show a form item if certain conditions are met? It’s possible to only display a form container within the app if another field has been set to a specific value. If this container was visible whilst completing the form, we can use this to control the visibility of a section within the report.  To demonstrate this, consider that the form has a dropdown named “Is manager present” with the options “Yes” and “No”. A container below with fields specific to the managers information has been set to only display if “Is manager present” has been set to “Yes”. This visibility information is then submitted to the report, meaning that a report section to display information about a manager can be hidden if the container wasn’t visible in the form at the time of submission.