What Settings Are Available For Each Input Type In a Report?

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Any field that has been added to the form excluding video, audio and sub-reports can be displayed within the report. For more information about the available options within the form please read /support/what-input-fields-can-i-use-in-my-form/ and for more information on the other fields available to display in the report, please read /support/how-do-i-add-photos-input-fields-and-location-data-to-my-report/

What Settings Are Available For Each Input Type In a Report?

We provide a number of options for each input type to ensure that the report can be styled and structured accordingly.

Text / Label

Set the font size, font weight (thickness) and the text’s alignment. This is perfect for adding titles, labels and descriptions.

Report Value

The settings for each value include the same as the text / label mentioned above with a few additional options based on the value type selected. For instance, images can be set to extend the full width of the page or sit inline within a row. For standard input fields such as text, numbers and emails, you can define a prefix label and with location capture you are required to select which part of the address you wish to display, such as the map photo, address line 1 or the postcode.


The settings for the divider allow you to set the height and colour of the border, along with the spacing above and below. The width can be set to a percentage of the report’s width and can be aligned to the center, left or right.


The logo settings allow you to define the logo’s alignment along with its width and height.