What Differentiates a File, a Form and a Report?

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Files are the same as files on your computer, but in Reportal these are usually files that are useful for your users to be able to view. As such, files are typically images, PDFs, etc.

For example, if your users are technicians that operate on various pieces of machinery in the field, you might want to store PDF copies of all instruction manuals in Reportal so that they can be viewed easily within the mobile app.


A form is something that your users will fill out using the Reportal mobile app on their devices. You can design the fields and layout of this form using the Form Builder in the admin portal.


A report is a sent copy of a form, together with a PDF version and any attachments (such as videos and images) that the user sent with it. Reports are stored by Reportal and visible within the Inbox in the admin portal. You can also design the appearance of the PDF version of the report when building the form in the Report Builder.