How Do I View a File In The App?

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Log into the app and then select the “Documents” tab. If there are files available but there is nothing displayed, first check that the device has an active Internet connection and then pull-down to refresh the list.

The initial page will display a list of top-level categories and below these all un-categorised files. In order to save storage space on the device, files are not immediately downloaded. If you see a “download” icon next to a file it means the file is not stored on the device but can be downloaded. To download it, simply click on it (an Internet connection is required). Once downloaded, this icon will change to an “open” icon; clicking this will now open the file itself on the device.

To navigate to a file in a category, simply click the relevant category name in the “Sub Categories” list. This will open a new page for that category. From here you can either navigate to a further sub-category or download/open a file within that category. To go back a level, simply click “Close”.