How Do I Revoke a Staff Member’s Access To The App?

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Rather than deleting a user account, a staff member can be marked as “not active” which will prevent them from being able to log in and use Reportal.

To activate or deactivate the user account for a staff member, login to the admin portal and click on the Staff tab. From here, click on the appropriate user to open the edit pop-up. Next, tick or un-tick the “Activated?” checkbox accordingly, then click “Update” to save the changes.

Users with an inactive account will get an error message telling them that their account has not been activated whenever they try to login or perform an action such as sending a report via the mobile app.

Of course, if a staff member’s account is no longer required it can be permanently deleted by clicking the “Delete” button when editing the user account as above. However please be careful when doing so as this action cannot be undone.