How Do I Fill Out a Form Within The App?

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Once a form has been created in the admin portal, it will become available to fill out in the app. After logging in, the main page of the app will display a list of all available reports. Simply click the report to start filling it out.

If a report is not visible then there are two main reasons: –

  • You might not be assigned to a team that the report is also assigned to, meaning that the report is not accessible to you.
  • The report might have been made while you had the app open or did not have an Internet connection; in this case, simply pull-down the report page to refresh the list and it should appear if you have an Internet connection.

Once you’ve tapped on a report it should open and you should be able to start filling it out. Once you’ve completed it, click “Submit” to send the report, or to save it to the device if you don’t have an Internet connection.