How Do I Change The Number Of Columns And Their Widths In My Report?

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The report builder functions as a grid, allowing you to set the number of columns for each row and each table. The settings for the number of columns and their widths can be found in the top left corner of the section in question, next to the drag handle. To edit the number of columns, click the icon that looks like two squares joined by a line, once clicked you will be able to set the number of columns between 1 and 6. If you are editing a row within a table, the number of columns available will depend on the number defined in the table. So, if a table only has 4 columns, any row within will only be able to consist of 4 columns. By default, a container consists of 6 columns and cannot be changed. Next to this is the column widths button, this button looks like three horizontal lines in a row. Clicking this will show a popup of the different row widths available to use.