How Do I Add Photos, Input Fields and Location Data To My Report?

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Adding data to a report is very simple. First you’ll need to define the layout type you wish to use; this can either be a standard container or a table. Once added you’ll then need to add a row to the container. Once in place you should then see a plus button within the row. Upon clicking this, a popup will appear with a couple of options, they are as follow:

Text / Label

Can be used to display plain text, titles and descriptions

Report Value

This will allow you to display any value that was submitted to the report, this includes input fields, photos, videos and location data.


Add extra spacing or a dividing line to the report


Display your logo within the report

Sender info

Display information relating to the member of staff that submitted the report

Once you have selected an item and have finished configuring the settings, click the save button and the item will be added to the report.